Turning Black

(Night before, I asked if we get an Angelic Host when born)

I was outside, in the evening, holding onto some ropes (one in each hand), In the space of air floating around, but not, at the top of a high-rise building. I was scared, for if I let go, I would fall to my death. There was someone at the window of the building, making sure I was safe, but not pulling me in. I then saw that Matt Cedeno (or someone looking like him) had a black, and white scribbled painted platform I could stand on. I was then relieved to be in something solid.

I was showing someone how my hands, and forearms (with palms facing up, arms stretched out) had turned black.

I was inside a building, similar to a fun house, with a circular hallway, made of white stucco. I was frantically looking for a door to get out, but couldn’t find one. It seems there was a young girl questioning why I would want out. I finally saw a window I could use to escape. Looking outside, I could see it wasn’t too far down. Susan was relieved, and appreciated, that it was only a short distance down.


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