Noticing the Patterns

(Night before, I asked who the channelers are channeling)

Before falling asleep, a man said, “My name’s Men”, wiggled / popped his head off, then started crazily dancing, such as the fire things in Labyrinth.

I was (in a plane?) seeing how beautiful the country / land of Somalia was, and noticing the patterns in the fields. I was thinking about Ali, and I wished he could see this, how it had changed from his childhood.

I wanted to take some pictures with the iPod, but didn’t want the people to see what technology I had, for fear they may have taken it away. I did see the right side of a rainbow, visible enough to see it was there, and somehow got some pictures of it.

I was in a classroom of a school there, checking it out?, noticing how clean, and well-kept it was. It had not been destroyed yet, as schools usually are. There were several schoolchildren there. There were several buildings, painted white, such as a college / university.

As I was editing the rainbow pictures, bombs started dropping on the school. I was having a harder / slower time of getting away.


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