Something About to Happen

(From May 5, 2014)

I’m in the backyard of the last house my parents owned, during the evening. Kyle is also back there, and a little boy (3, 4?). There is a wooden play set , with the slide facing the back wall, giving only so much room for the slider. Kyle is sitting in top of the slide, with the hose stretched out to him, he squirting the water, and the boy running through. We had a knowing that the tile man would be coming shortly, within a day, or two, to do the floor. I went to turn down the amount of water coming out, but gradually turned it back up because Kyle had wanted it up. The boy was also rolling across a crack (foot, or two) in the dirt.

I went to the chain link fence that was on the left side of the house (there was none in waking life), and saw my parents’ (’89?) Buick Park Ave, along with Ali’s vehicle, windows halfway rolled down. (Not sure if the vehicle belonged to Ali in the dream.) I told Kyle to put the vehicle (Ali’s) in the garage. He said it would be ok there because it’s by / under the picture window. I told him someone could still come up, and take it before we got to it.

Kyle, and the boy, went back inside to watch tv. I had had a blanket outside with me, along with a compact mirror, and tweezers. I was watching (how / where?) a lady talk to a group if people, getting them to learn descriptions. There would be a sentence on a piece of paper, and the person would need to identify the descriptions that were in the sentence.

I all if a sudden became anxious, and went inside, locking the door, along with the screen. I went to the front of the house, where Kyle was, and told him that I was feeling something was about to happen, and he needs to move the car. He started to get up to move it.

Somewhere during this, I was fingering a sleepy Kyle, but he had a vagina. When the sensation “clicked”, and he woke up, I stopped, and thought to myself, “Oh, that’s how / why I wake up aroused.”

(From May 4, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

He was racing up, and down, hills with a couple of his nephews. There was a leopard, along with other big cats. Ali touched the leopard. He had a knowing the cats, or the leopard, would leave him alone, but would go after the others. He called to a nephew several times, but he was not hearing / listening. The cats were getting ready to attack.


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