So, So Wrong

(Night before, asked what is the credibility check (for channelers))

Inside the top apartment / condo of a high-rise building. A dog (chocolate lab) is running in circles around some white towerish thing in the middle / center of the room. Micalanne is standing, I’m several yards from her, and I tell her that she is so, so wrong. The tub (the kind where the water flows over the sides) has started to flood, ruining the floor. How do we tell the owner? I have to wait for an older, short, skinny woman to tell me how to care for the building (I became owner ?).

A two-story house in some street is derelicted(?), and for sale. I want Ali to buy it, but another man, single, and knows construction, gets / buys it. He razes it, and next, I see part of the framing up. I see him from behind, there with his truck, and mitre saw, sawing pieces of wood. I walk to the front, and ask if he is going to build this the same as the old, implying a two-story such as the other. He starts to answer, but action starts kitty corner, to the left. There are four men holding on to the top of the wood frame as it falls, their bodies not moving. They have baseball hats on, the brim hitting the ground, keeping straight, with no harm to the men. To the left of them, as I am seeing them, the same thing happens, but with four Mexican men. I turn, and tell the guy, “If that were me, I’d be dead.”

3, or 4, men. Something about new (animal print?) couch cushions. A tall teacher, from when they were students, suddenly appears. Surprised, I say his name, which is a weird one. (I don’t remember it, but what keeps coming to me is “Whiskerbottom”. He is wearing a long black trench coat, looking somewhat like Morpheus, from The Matrix.


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