Oh, Yeah?

(Night before, asked what was so wrong)

Steve is about to become gay. He even started an escort type service while /when on his mission. His wife, Natalie?, had given him bj’s before his mission.

I am at a school. The buildings are white, two-story. Travis is also there, in the same “class” as I. (Students were able to walk around.) Before class(?), I had seen, through a (window) opening, a giant outside, who was here with his friend. He was as tall as a three-story building, wearing a white, and orange (?), horizontal striped polo shirt, the white stripes being broader. I didn’t tell anyone, but kept it to myself. I thought he was a giant, thinking about him while in class.

Some guys, in class?, were saying there isn’t such a thing as God. I was thinking, and wanted to say, “Oh, yeah? Just you wait ’til your time comes, then you’ll see.”

The end of class, as some were working on projects, I wasn’t too sure if I could leave. Some students had gone as soon as there was a hint they could go. I asked if Travis was still here, and someone had said he was gone, being one of those who had left.

When outside, I saw the giant on the other side of a building, only seeing his chest, and up. He is watching his friend walking up some stairs of that building. I affirm to myself that he indeed is a giant.

There are other giants there, one saying they have been here since 6:19 in the morning, coming from Palm Springs, and were getting tired, as the day was starting to turn into evening. I wanted to say / question that the ride must not have been too long seeing as how the cars are so big (to accommodate them). No one else paid any / much attention to them, as if it was normal for them to be there.

They started walking in a slow formation leaving the school. Some being Native Americans. I was in awe of them, their height, stature. They slightly smiled down at me, acknowledging me. One Indian was a woman, dressed similar to the princess in Disney’s Peter Pan.

I saw a long braid in front of me, knowing one of the Indian men had cut it, and dropped / set it there. I grabbed it, pulling out a couple strands, not messing the braid, and ate them as for food. The woman saw me, stopped walking, stopping the formation, and sat down next to me. She started undoing the top of the braid, talking to me about it.

Walking home, barefoot (kinda hoping Travis would see me), I was holding Bear (Kyle’s big dog), and my shoes / sandals. I wished I had a leash to put him down. He was struggling a bit to get down. I was walking on the sidewalk of a busy street, a brick wall to my right, though now, there were only two cars, which were stopped / parked. I was pointing out the cars to Bear, telling him what they are, and that that’s why I couldn’t let him down. I made sure as not to say his name so that the people / person who had taken him from me wouldn’t know I had him. I wasn’t worried about him needing to “go” since he had been roaming all day at the school.


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