Before falling asleep, I saw a woman’s lips, somewhat open, with a tarantula crawling out.

I’m at a darkened nightclub(?), sitting at a rectangular table on the upper level. I’m facing the lower level. A lady is sitting at the end, to my right. Kitty-corner across me to my right, and to this lady’s right, is Kanye. Another lady is across me, and to Kanye’s right. I tell the lady to my right, to tell Kanye, since he knows the Kardashians.

I am in a futuristic lab, where a man makes some sort of flat electronic device (see picture). When he holds it between his hands, he has it between his palms, it looks computerized as if it isn’t actually there, but when walking up to him, can see it actually there. He places this on top of a machine, flat. This is turn is connected to another object / machine, which turns into a mixer.

I am using my mom’s futuristic computer. She tells me not to load it up with stuff. I tell her I’m not. I have loaded some type if calendar, clicking off other windows I don’t need.

A lady has a baby seal(?, no fur, black) in her house(?). She is on the floor beside it, with her young children. The seal gas an undone diaper on. The seal moves, flips its tail up, and squirts pee out of a hole by the tail. It squirts over a man playing around on the floor.

Something to do with Briana / Briana’s house.



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