She Concedes photos being rearranged.

Watching a tv show that Steve, and Bryce were in, but only a couple of episodes.

(The rest is basically scenes from the show.)

The community is small. I am shown houses with spaces between them, in wooded areas, and then the main town.

The people are gathered at a ship / sub yard, but none are there. I see under the water (as if a pool) what looks like a time card holder, and the slats / slits are not solid sheets of metal, but chained “eye hook” pieces (something like that). This day, the girls are to choose the men they are to marry (similar concept as Sadie Hawkins) by standing where that guy / man’s ship / boat / sub is. There is a group of young girls, along with a guy, in a circle hugging each other because they know that their lives will most likely separate from each other, and go their own way. Two of the girls are after the same guy, one of which looks a bit older. One girl resembles Geena Davis.

It’s time to take their places, and the girl who looks older, gets the spot first. She now looks young. The other girl concedes, thinking / knowing the first girl looks a perfect fit for the guy, and walks away.

One of the girls was wanting Bryce, but becomes disappointed / confused / questioning when she notices he doesn’t have a space. Someone tells her that his parents have retired, and moved to California (he grew up here). She becomes relieved, and light-hearted, thinking it would be fun to move out there. She then becomes a little playful towards the other guys.

A couple are in a van / bus. They are driving along the bottom of a hill. He is the one driving, but not paying attention because he is holding her. They clip a huge military vehicle, causing it to tumble down the hill, past a pond, and catching fire.

There are people on the other side of the hill, seeing the fire light up the setting sky, run to the top of the hill. There isn’t much they can do, so they camp out, and watch.

A small group of women are at a community center, at the end of the pool. A young lady is there, Krystal Finial (?), whose mother, and mother – in – law, are there. She starts to leave. A man comes through a door on the left side of the pool, holding an envelope in the air, and questioningly says, “I have a letter from Krystal”, not knowing these people. Her mother walks over to him, knowing about the letter, and what’s inside, says, “Yes, there’s a Krystal here.”

A woman is sitting on the floor, somewhat mechanically bending the legs up of a baby. There is blood from doing it for so long. There is a lamb nearby. (I didn’t want to remember this one.)


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