Don’t Burn Without Looking

(Night before, asked if we leave our bodies while dreaming)

I was up in the air, in a plane ?, looking down at the earth, and was told not to burn a piece / plot without looking at the whole plot. The land I was looking at was 4, or 5, plot squares, next to each other in a vertical line. The “burning” was at the bottom plot. (I thought of Ali’s dream, below, either while dreaming, or after waking up after dreaming this.)

There was an Asian couple at a restaurant, always there, but never eating, sitting at one of the small square tables. He always had a hand-held dictionary to read, while she was doing something else. At one point, he got up to do something, and I grabbed the dictionary. He saw me when he came back, and calmly asked me what I was doing. I responded that I was just looking at it, setting it back down.

In Relief Society, it was announced that my parents had invited everyone to come eat (after church). At the house, no one showed up.

My mom asked if it had been announced, and she was told that, yes it was, but had been sort of in passing. (As if it had been remembered right before starting, and was half-rushed.)

My mom suggested we might as well eat since the time had passed to start. There was a rectangular table with a tablecloth. The food, covered, along with the dishes, and drinks are, was on the left side of the table. I sat at the right end, being able to see out the open front door.

I saw a big white van (the kind used for evil deeds šŸ™‚ ) driving toward the house. I announced that Bro. and Sis. Walker were here. He carried with him, holding the top, an empty oxygen tank, tall like a helium tank. I told him he would need a license to use that, and that my mom could fill it up.

Back at church, same day ? different day ?, there were several girls talking all about a certain guy who was in the same Sunday school class. I didn’t think he was gorgeous, like they thought, but he was ok. He was in his late 20’s / early 30’s.

There was a section of the cultural hall that had been set aside for resting. I laid down to sleep, but ended up only for a short time.

I walked around a bit, topless, crossing my arms. I was thinking that this guy would see the couple of little moles I had on my back.

(I think I asked him how long he had been / lived here.) He told me had been here for 10 years, off and on.

He asked me how old I was, and I asked him what he thought, but before he could answer, he was pulled away. When he got back, I told him, 42, or soon to be (in a month?, but it’s actually in 4 days).

He wanted me to go to the Bishop’s office with him. I was barefoot, my mom had my shoes. He wanted to ask me to marry him, which I was not aware of.

(From May 12, 2014 Night before, asked if we leave our bodies while sleeping)

Different pictures shown in both color, and b&w. Seems I liked both forms.

(From May 11, 2014 Ali’s dream)

He had been invited to help some agricultural people with the laying out, and seeding (seed codes) of some plots of land. He was the only one who knew the information.

He started to go through a couple of miles of bushes, and thorns, on greenish, narrow paths on hilly land. I was warning him not to go that direction, but he kept going.

He then saw bunches of copies / clones of evil-looking warrior type people. They started chasing him, he no longer saw me, because they didn’t want anyone to help with the planting of those plots of land. He was able to elude them through the bushes.

He finally made it, and when he showed up, he saw the people talking to me, thinking I had the information. I then pointed to Ali, saying he was the one with the information.

He gave the people the seed codes, measured, then we all started planting. I was conversing with these people, Ali barely saying anything.


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