Chill Out

(Night before, asked if we live in multidimensions)

Gypsy’s….chill out.

I went to see one of my dad’s brothers (this brother was only in dream) who lived in St. Augustine, Florida (he had a brother who used to), who I had never met. I think someone was with me. The air inside was stale (like how old people homes are), but I didn’t smell anything. He was mostly in my rear left vision, though there were a couple, somewhat fancy / decorative, pedestals, which one had a hole on the side, and he somewhat fancily dropped a coin in.

There was a little skinny older lady walking around with lots of energy and vitality, looking for, and finding, her purse, with a clear shower cap over her short (20’s style) hair. Seems she may have been my grandma. Her, and another tall lady, were about to leave.

My uncle’s wife was sitting in one of four recliners, the other chairs reclining. The chairs were facing each other in a circle, diagonally. She was wearing 70’s clothing. I “fell” into one of the recliners.

There was a maid, that when I saw her, I wondered to myself if I had seen her back in California. She had come from the back, through a hallway. She had received a phone call, on the rotary phone, so stretched it out to the front, outside.

Seems there were times I needed to go back home to get something, and then come back, and the distance was as only a couple blocks. When it was time to leave, though, I was thinking about how long it was going to take, with it being several days.

Wilhelm…not sure if he was the one with me, or not.

I woke (still dreaming) just as the sun was about to rise. I looked outside at the neighbor’s houses, at the end on a cul -de – sac, and saw that they all still had their Christmas lights (red, which I dislike), and decorations. I was thinking it interesting for them to be still displayed.


(From May 14, 2014 Night before asked if there are multidimensions)

Saw, through iron swirly railing, a fluffy white cat(?) with eyes slanted up, laying there.


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