(Night before, asked if Akashic Records are real)

Kyle, and I, are naked on the bed. The door is open, and I see Mark coming toward us. I go over to the closet, and put a shirt in front of me. Mark has brought fast food (Taco Bell?), in bags. He says something while realizing the situation, then leaves.

I am at a gathering of people. I am to stand on a “stage”, and told, by a lady in charge, to discuss the 1st, and 2nd ? I didn’t know, hadn’t heard / read / paid attention to, them.

I was given a sub sandwich, and told to read it. The top layer was all olives, and being confused, wasn’t able / didn’t know how, to read it. I then saw a lower layer with Spanish words, and said I wasn’t able to read them. The lady then asked if someone else could read. A lady, who had been sitting, excitedly came up while I stepped down.

There were people who brought gifts, not sure if they had to, or because they wanted to, to be won as prizes, making sure the person in charge of the gifts knew about them. Near the end of these gifts being given away, every now and then, I saw a bluish silver box, the shape similar to a necklace box, at the rectangular table I was sitting at. It was a pen set of very thin pens, each in their own tube / covering. One of them had written on it something about Taurus. I got excited, and took the pen out of its covering. I was then disappointed to see that someone’s business was written instead, all around the pen. I then put it back.

The lady, who brought it, then came and sat, not knowing what I did. I decided to tell her. With a hint of being perturbed, she said something to the effect of, “Next time I shouldn’t put my fingerprints on it”, as I couldn’t understand her. She then got up, taking the pens, and went elsewhere.

(From May 17, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

He was giving a test, having the correct, and wrong, key with him. He set them both down on his desk. A female student saw them, grabbing the wrong one, not knowing it to be the wrong one. She copied the answers, then passed it around. Several students didn’t take it. After finishing the test, those students were celebrating outside as they were going down a hill. One of the students, who did not take the key, told Ali what had happened. Ali then said those students had taken the wrong one. When they saw they had gotten zeros, the student who told Ali what had happened, explained to them that they had used the wrong key.

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