Mongolia steppes

I was coming out of a building, seeing the car parked in the front of the lot, facing the building.

Next, I saw the car in the middle of the lot, median on passenger side, with frozen, icy, somewhat chunky, water surrounding the car, or at least the front portion, and several feet in front. There were no other cars. It was evening?

I had in my (right?) hand two pieces of small paper, one being a lottery “Lucky Life” scratcher. I didn’t want to get them wet.

Somehow when I was going through the water, I ended up several feet in front of the car. My hand went below the water. I think the papers got slightly wet.

When in the water, I didn’t feel wet, or cold. I was having a little bit of trouble getting to the car, but think I finally made it inside.

I was somewhere where there was a gathering of people. There were two floors, the top was such to be able to see below, with a wood railing of poles. I was on the top floor, sitting(?) with a couple young girls, looking below.

Another young girl had done something to her right ankle, and Rikka Zimmerman, and a couple other adults, were taking her to a private area to work on it.

These girls, who I was sitting with, wanted to know what was going to happen. I commented that Rikka was going to work with the girl’s energy to help heal the ankle.


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