My Own Kind

Ali, and I, are in the new room with his music equipment. My hair is in a ponytail, and messed up from the day. I am wearing a white top, and skirt. The skirt is down a little in back on my right hip. I pull it up. We decide to make a list on a whiteboard. My mom sees me pulling up my skirt, and mentions she knows what we’ve been up to, and if she finds out that we’ve had sex, she’ll (?).

There is an animal, (mountain?) goat?, thin, wanting to come through a “clear” plastic tarp that is hanging.

I am on a rolling chair (naked?), making noise, rolling around amongst Ali’s equipment, attempting to “hide” behind some lights (like photographers have) from him, who is in another room.

Bono is there, and doesn’t want to be disturbed as he is recording / making some music.

Ali comes, a bit sweaty, laying me down. I am naked, and he starts toward my left breast, but I reach him with my mouth instead.

I am walking through a building (church?), hoping to find some food. There isn’t any.

An obese woman is sitting in a room, with benches, by herself. Her head is leaning on her left shoulder.

I’m in a big community room where there are six card tables set up. The door is behind me to my left. The card tables are to my right in two horizontal rows of three. I look to see where to sit, and not seeing a place at the other tables, or to fit in, I sit at the first one at the first row. I see the obese lady has come in, and joined one of the tables.

There are monopoly boards, the size of the table, on all tables. A guy, at the table where I am, sets down a bishop (chess), but upside down, as my piece. (I may have had an inkling it wasn’t supposed to be, but not sure.) With a hint of toddler attitude, I say that I want to pick my own piece. He then sets down a pawn next to the bishop. I take the bishop.

I’m holding a female shaped cookie with wax on the outside, and chocolate cake on the inside. I start by biting the head off.

I was told something to the effect that I have my own kind of power.


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