Smart Home

Before falling asleep, I saw the HGTV Smart Home 2014.

I’m in my teenage home, in back of house, looking at the backyard of the neighbor to the left. My dad is to my left, a little behind me. The neighbor’s backyard is all dirt (in reality, there was a brick wall, and couldn’t see). The grumpy man (neighbor now) is the neighbor, and has his RV parked all the way in back, facing the house, which I don’t see. He drives the RV out of the backyard, going to the right of the house. I tell my dad that this guy is crazy.

Something with me pouring water out, by the back window (tinted, floor to ceiling), inside the house. Not a whole lot, but some.

My dad is asleep, napping, on my bed. The bed facing horizontal, his head to the left. He looks somewhat like Kyle, and is covered up in a blanket. He is all the way to the edge, so much that he could fall over. I say to myself that parents get to choose which bed to sleep on. Seems we are waiting for him to wake up.


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