Pain She Will Feel

(Night before, asked the meaning of the icy water, again)

I was shown different scenes, the porcelain floor tiles (in the expanded room) among them, and was told / had a knowing, that these were the answer. (I had asked again (see bottom of page) because I couldn’t grasp the connection.)

I was at church, and young children, on one side of the building, were vomiting. It wasn’t chunky, or too disgusting, but was smooth and a pea green color. As I was walking around, I saw a girl, at the entrance of the bathroom, vomiting, facing me.

There was only one lady cleaning it up, using (dish?) towels.

The Bishop was wearing flip-flops, and colorful shorts which looked like swim trunks, but were not. He was gliding across the vomit, not touching it, not bothered by it, and having a good time.

Another portion of the church, there was a famous black rapper (don’t know if actual, or just in dream). Don’t know why he was here, or how he got here, but several of his tall friends (he was average height) came to take him away. One was a female. As she was walking away (they came from the left, and went back the same), I noticed her hair. It was big. She had it as though she had used the biggest roller / curler, and then left her hair as is after taking it out. The curls went toward the middle, in the back. She wasn’t haughty, she just didn’t want to be there.

I was still at the church(?), and was sitting in a tall chair against the wall. I was holding a girl baby, supposedly my niece, facing left. To my left was Robert Mailhouse. To his left were two of his friends (man, and woman), a door, then another chair. The wall then angled to the right, and there were two chairs backing that wall. Robert was playing / smiling with the baby, and I was thinking that maybe I was supposed to be with him.

Next thing I knew, they had moved to the other chairs, on the other side of the door, when the people who were sitting there (didn’t see, only knew) had gotten up and left. Robert was sitting in the second chair, facing me. A little disappointed, I then thought that maybe we’re not supposed to be together.

At church, and not many people (75?) because it being the day of Indy 500. There weren’t any services, but rather music playing through a sound system, and a home theater size tv with a game on. Those who were there were having fun, and partying. I thought it odd. One person had even brought a nice looking dark wood pipe, and vodka(?), which had been set down.

I was a giant, sitting, and watching some adults, in a match size box, playing dodgeball / tag with colorful balls. There were some who were always it, and I was wondering how they could not be, what would they have to do.

Sometime in between these, I was at a pool of a small community. They were having fun with all one can do at a pool. I saw in the water a killer whale swimming among them. They seemed oblivious of it.

I then saw that the whale had gotten the right foot of a young unconscious female (teen?). I was thinking how I had read about this happening before, and wasn’t sure whether to help, or not.

Soon after thinking this, I had had a hold of her top body, her facing me / down. I don’t know if I was attempting to wake her up, or making sure the whale didn’t take her down. The whale made any moves of wanting to take her down, and didn’t seem to mean her any purposeful harm. He was softly nibbling on her foot.

I yell for help, and even wave my (right?) to get someone’s attention, but none was gotten. It was as if this scene wasn’t even there.

I think about the pain this girl is going to be in when she wakes.

The whale lets go, and I expect the foot to be gone. Instead, I see scratches on either side of her big toe.

(From May 24, 2014)

(Night before, I asked the meaning of the icy water)

I saw the porcelain floor tiles in the newly expanded room.

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