Pick It Up

It’s night-time. There is water rising a bit outside of the front(?) door. I’m thinking that I want to take a picture of it. Greg, and I, are dressed to go somewhere.

A kitten gets out, from the backyard, and a strange guy kicks it a couple of times, not hurting it. It runs back to the backyard, and the guy kicks it again. It runs around, coming over by me, and I’m able to pick it up.

(Ali’s Dream)

Some people have come, and taken the cats, tying them together with a rope, and pulling them. Ali sees them, and runs after them, telling them that those are his cats, holding on to the other side of the rope, which was trailing behind.

These people kept going. A crowd of people show up, saying that those people went into Ali’s backyard, and took the cats.

There was a tug-of-war between Ali, and these people, a cliff behind them, with deep, muddy water below. Ali, and the cats, were pulling on the rope with enough strength causing these people to let go, and fall, drowning some.

Some of the people in the crowd were calling for help for those people, while others were saying they deserved to drown.

Fire trucks arrived to help those people who had fallen. The people in the crowd were saying that those who fell had gone into Ali’s property, and stole his cats.

Ali then took the cats home, and could almost hear them telling him that they felt safe here at home.


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