Ground / Floor

(Night before, I had asked if there was a shortcut to awakening)

I had some sort of rash on my right forearm, halfway between my shoulder and elbow, going somewhat from side to side.

(From May 28, 2014)

Judy had moved, and had moved with her the few things of mine she had. I was surprised that she would do so.

Kyle was magically squished into a box (mostly upper body), facing up to me. I told him something to the effect that I wished that could happen while he was standing (him getting smaller).

Amy had put a couple of things of mine in some bare, light wooden shelves that were on the ground / floor. She hadn’t cleaned out the shelves first before putting my stuff in. I saw some tiny / small white and brown spiders crawling around. I then saw a small bottle (3-5 oz) of Kyle’s cologne (the bottle was one that Ali uses, Kyle didn’t), and used it to spray them.

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