Hard to See

(Night before asked, when people think they’re talking / communicating with / to archangels, who are they talking to?)

I’m on a ship carrier. There is a pool(?), and I’m waiting for the carrier to sink from the weight of it, even though we’ve been out on the water, and haven’t sunk yet.

I’m sitting in one of those rolling chairs with the open square wood arms, and I barely fit. I’m sitting (to the right) next to a somewhat older guy (5-10 yrs), who I’m with. He is busy on the phone, dressed in a suit, kinda angled away from me, his right arm in front.

There is a tv on, showing either a soap opera, or the actors who play / act in one. I mention to this guy that I sometimes find it hard to see them act as other people once I’ve seen them as a soap opera character. He half-attentively agrees.

I’m about to fall asleep in bed, at night, but wake myself up thinking about the possibility of the carrier sinking, waiting for it to happen, and partly imaging it happening. I also think about carriers carrying heavy tanks on them, and they’re able to stay afloat.

A guy is in an office, his computer parts in boxes, getting them out. He is there for a meeting, a man there with him, and finally gets out his monitor.

(Ali’s Dream)

There are some blacks, and Mexican, guys breaking into the house. Some cops were there also. They were wanting to kill Ali / us. Ali was looking for a place to hide. I was saying that these guys can’t do this.

Your Thoughts

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