Same Situation

I have been at a week-long training on how to act like how a wealthy woman would. There are three, or four, women / girls sharing the room. We are leaving the next day, and so we are individually packing our things on our own time. I’m packing my things here, and there. I have most of my clothes packed, thinking I can just throw in the rest, later. My mom had me bring extra clothes, and trial sized laundry detergent (same bottle shape) in case they were needed, which they weren’t.

There were maroon / wine colored folded towels in the bathroom, bath towel next to sink, and one of the girls said to me that I could have them.

There were guys there also, and when I went to see them, they were all packing at the same time.

I saw some of their “fancy”, and fun, boxers hanging, with several baby boy, and girl, clothes hanging in front if them. When I saw them, I said, awww, even though I had seen them earlier.

I also mentioned to one of the guys not to worry about me seeing the boxers, because I had roomed with his roommates before (been through same situation / training).

The building where the training was held, a person could choose what level of manners to learn. I saw a lady go in, and chose the standard training. She sat in a somewhat darkened room, and watched the training on a screen. The map of what room to go to looked like the ones in department stores / malls. The standard level was in the middle, shaded a somewhat red color.

I was in the building where we were tested on what we learned. I was moving down the stacked cubes used for showcasing the clothes, and such that were there. When sitting on a level, and having my legs stretched out to reach the next, there was still some space between so that I needed to do a little jump / drop.

As I was moving, I saw the older lady who was in charge of the training, and testing, walking below me, on my left, going from my front to back. She didn’t see me. She was strict, but not mean.

When I got to the bottom, I saw the group of girls I was in, nearing the end of their testing, and said, oh.

During the testing, it was required to write, and show, what was learned. The lady, who I had seen earlier, was jovially singing what they had written. The girls, standing in the middle of the floor,  were dressed in 1800 style dresses (I mostly just saw the bottom part), but weren’t. The lady was to the left of them, and I was aligned with her, but near the back of the room.

There was a man giant asleep while sitting, outside. The townspeople were all around him. His head was to his left. When I came on the scene, the inside of his right leg was being sewn up, for the people had wanted to know what was inside. There was also something about his arms.


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