Long, Narrow Homes

(Night before, asked when I had been in the same situation)

I’m riding in a small bus, with others from work, going down a street, and seeing a couple long, narrow homes (think of at the beach) with their fronts off. I’m able to see straight through because there is construction going on, and they are lit up. (Couple years ago, Ali and I went through a beach house in Newport, Ca that was for sale.)

Michael (from where I used to work) wrote on the floor of the bus, wanting us to say hello to someone.

Three cats, separately in tight cages, not able to get out during the trip. One, on top of the other two, is blackish, and able to stretch a little. None of them are bothered by being squished.

Mom had left a couple hamburgers open, and I’m wondering why. There are also some chocolate ding dongs / cupcakes (?).

A flood comes, and starts to wipe the hamburgers, and chocolate away, but not totally. Someone mentions that they are seeing something in the Rose Bowl (Pasadena) that was originally from far away.

I get emotional, and ask Steve what shoes he wants to wear, as the flood is about to take them. I see hiking boots.

The bus has stopped, and Barbie is helping with getting those who are on, off. She asks me to help, but I don’t stay. I go to another place where it’s dry, seeing someone talking with a scientist, and thinking about those who are back with the flood, dealing with it.

I am in the back of a plane that is a little bigger than a passenger plane. There’s a bit of room to move around. Mark is there also, and suggests we sit up front with the pilot, who happens to be a lesbian. He sits up front, and I see that’s all the room there is.

I am doing some(thing) trick(y) in back, standing, and the pilot is looking at her visor, looking at me, the whole time.


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