She Is Sheltered

(Night before asked, when people are remembering past life memories, who’s memories are they remembering)

Mom, Amy, Toluca, and I, are traveling. I am traveling separately, and have Toluca with me. I keep changing vehicles from a small white Toyota pickup (used to have), to a luxury sedan. At one point, I wonder how mom, and Amy are traveling. I realize that when I have the pickup, Toluca is unsheltered from the weather, and when I have the sedan, she is sheltered. Before getting to our destination, I (playfully?) whine, asking if we are there yet.

We arrive at a business building that is being updated. There are two men, one explaining, in a free mood / tone, what is happening. I see pins from door hinges that are bent, so are being replaced with an arm looking thing, like the ones used for side mirrors on big trucks. There is also something about an accordion curtain.

The guy who is talking, stands over by the other, and says something where upon the guy asks him to repeat, which he does.

The guy who was explaining to us is now on tv, doing a mini segment on the news. He has a big tear on each cheek, with a shine to them like bubbles / pearls have. He then covers his face, and I mention that he had been crying.

I wake up with Bob Marley’s song “I don’t want to wait in vain for your love”.


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