Get Lucky

Woke up early in morning with Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky”.

I’m at an ice skating rink consecutive days(?). The rink is to my left. Travis also comes, saying a friendly hello to me, as he passes on my left. One day he walks up to me slowly, and gently gives me a kiss. I somewhat hesitantly kiss him back, knowing he has a girlfriend, not knowing if he may have broken up or not, and the others may be watching.

Erik Estrada (?). He is acting a little goofy, and a couple of us are teasingly saying we don’t know him, do you know him.

Me, and another girl, are discussing about whether a certain tall hockey player (there at the rink) doesn’t / does get played.

Child (toddler?) comes off ice rink needing to change / put clothes back on. Puts own socks back on.


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