Pay Attention

(I’ve had dreams, but they were as if they were far away, and were gone as soon as I woke)

I saw a bag of peanut M & M’s, candy bars, and couple stacked boxes of ice cream sandwiches, all untouched, next to the couch were my dad sits. I think it odd they haven’t been touched, and go to mention this to my mom. My dad is happily talking to someone.

Deborah (syllables pronounced) had brought a non plastic doll to the gathering. Later, I saw a girl holding it. After a while, Deborah wanted to know where it was. She started to go looking for it, going through a short hallway, and about to go left, when I saw another girl, looking similar to the first, holding the doll. I called out to Deborah, and then pointed to the girl, which Deborah then started to walk toward.

There are about 3 tables, with benches, and a single chair to the right of them. There are black girls, of different shades, sitting at them. There was a light-skinned girl sitting on the right side of the middle table.

The girl sitting at the chair accused me of staring at her butt, and top. I told her I wasn’t staring, but looking at the whole room, and didn’t even look at her butt.

There were two lines of people, front and back, facing toward me. There was a guy in back, on the left side, who kept nervously looking to his left. He had a short buzz, somewhat like from the 1950’s. After whatever they were lined up for was finished, and started walking away to their right, I mentioned this guy to someone, and said he looked like he was from South America.

Outside, at a park(?), a lady wants to sit. Her daughter / sister is sitting in the chair she wants to sit in. She doesn’t get up, but eventually reluctantly does.

A lady in her room, which is above a business, in a black dress. It is the 1920 / 30’s. She is getting ready to go downstairs to meet a man, about to go down. Another man calls up to her, not on a phone. She has her hand wrapped around something I cannot see. (Sensing it is funnel-shaped.) She says into it, holding it down in front of her, to tell the man she’s about to meet that she’ll be right down. The man tells her to pay attention to her room, knowing the man she is to meet has placed something in there. She stops and looks around. There is a floor / full length mirror to the left of the door, bed in front of, dresser against the wall on the right.

I heard the words “Stop and Stare” from One Republic.

(From June 7, 2014)

It’s winter, and snowy. I ask Amy if the bears are hibernating, and she says yes. I don’t have to worry about hiding in the house in the morning.

Lady’s lower right leg (prosthetic ?)


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