Every Time I Turn Around

I am speeding on a somewhat uphill freeway, with 4 / 5 lanes, with no buildings bordering, and am about to pass through a hill. I am in the second lane, with no one in front. There is a yellow(?) delivery truck up ahead in the third lane. The first lane has a row of vehicles, trucks “sprinkled” in. Every once in a while, cars from the first lane move over into mine. As I drive past the vehicles in the first lane, some are about to move until seeing me, whereas others, I’m not sure what they’re doing since they’re pointed toward my lane, but not moving over.

I am speeding to get to my first day of work, at D. I., which is a distance from home.

When on the streets, I miss the left turn / opening in median that I need. There’s no place to turn for a little ways. I see gated wealthy residences dead ending the street, with the gates open. I do not see the residences, but sense they may be condos, or such. I don’t see an opening to turn until I get up close. A car, which was behind me, continues in.

After I turn around, I hear the people who were in the car, having a slightly heated disagreement as they are walking to their place.

I get to my workplace around 7:30, but don’t need to be there until around 8. I look around, the place looking like a department store, seeing a baby / young deer lying on the bottom of the somewhat angled shelves, between the clothes, on the left wall. Each time I go over to that area, it is in the same position, with head on left side. I walk up to it, and see that it is a hard plastic decoration.

I see two guys walking my direction, one on the right holding a piece of paper. The other is telling him, “And that’s the song she never sent me.” (Assuming ex girlfriend.)

Even with the extra time, I run to where I need to check in. I want to make sure I’m not late. I look at my feet, and I’m wearing wedge like shoes, though not too high, and they’re making sound as they hit the ground / floor.

The lyric “Every time I Turn Around” comes into my head. (Must be a lyric within song because I wasn’t able to find it. 80’s / 90’s. Woman singing.)


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