To Unlock

Mark, and I, are at someone’s house. They are waiting for food to be delivered, not in the traditional way, but in a futuristic way. It is being delayed for some reason. I dot over by Mark, wanting some of the food also, even though I had eaten a small amount of food earlier.

Futuristic looking website that hasn’t been worked on for a while. A guy is holding a card this is a bit bigger than a credit card. Near the top is a row of numbers, hologram / holograph looking, with graphics below that correspond with the website. This guy has a confused look on his face as he touches the numbers rapidly like a piano. He is working on unlocking something connected with the website.

While waiting for the food, I look out the front, and see the house across the street blacked out. I’m thinking there are new owners for the house. I look closer, and see them doing something in their front yard, still blacked out. The house has a brick exterior, with a slope on the left side.

The street is a one lane street. I see a man, and wife, walking with four dogs, left to right, one a Great Dane (dark color marble), with the others almost as tall. They are on the other side of the street. There is a car going from right to left. Don’t see / notice headlights on. The Great Dane wants to cross, almost getting hit. After the car passes, the man is mean to the dog (no hitting, but more verbal). I want to go out, and give him a word or two, but he stops as I get to the door.

The man then walks up to the open garage, on the right, and speaks to a man inside for a minute or two, then walks out.

I go outside, and ask if the Great Dane is one. The man says yes. I don’t see the wife for a bit. I then see some dirt on the head of one of the other dogs. I start brushing it off. I uncover what looks like several “ditches” from side to side, to about the middle if his head. The last one deeper like a toaster. They have dirt, and a couple dry leaves inside. I am then a couple of feet away, and the dog turns his head so that I see his profile. His face is gone, and it is flat, white, non living (like a robot?).

(My 250th post)


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