Nervous to See

(From June 13, 2014 Time changed while writing)

(Night before, I asked, what am I to learn from my futuristic dreams.)

Tom is at the house, before his mission. I have a crush on him. He has now gone, and come back, and at the house.

Family are telling me he’s waiting for me. I am in the bathroom with Greg, and Amy, sitting on the edge of the tub. After they leave, I let out a “drop” into the tub. No one can really tell because there’s a bit of water, and suds, and it starts to liquify, and spread a little.

I go out, without makeup, and go close to the area where Tom is sitting at the table, waiting for food (?), but I don’t see him yet. There is a wall, with a slight opening, separating us. Mark is sitting in front of the opening, and we talk for couple minutes, laughing. He says my name loud enough for Tom to hear. I’m nervous he heard my name, but I haven’t shown myself yet. I look to where he is, but Mark is blocking my view of him.

My glasses are broke, so I’m wearing my glasses from my teens years, which are also broken, but I fixed them so I could use them. Someone (dad?) asks why I not wear the glasses, and I respond that my vision would then be blurry (nearsighted, and only time I’m conscious of the glasses). I am nervous to see him.

Valerie is at someone’s house to teach me about gluing (wrapping?) paper onto other paper, to make a flower. Her husband, and two young children, one a baby, are also there.

The baby is sitting on her husband’s lap, and I ask Valerie, double checking, if she was pregnant several years ago with the other one, at camp (week-long, during Summer, for teen girls from church). She says yes.

After awhile, Suzanne shows up, and I think the other is Brenda. (Ladies from church when I was a teen.)

At one point, Valerie starts having pain in her stomach. She is sitting on the floor, in front of me, to my left. She is facing sideways, so that her right arm is facing me. I know that she had had cancer before (only in dream, that I know of). Her family is gone from the room at this point.

I see Brenda’s husband walking along a street, coming to the house.

Suzanne asks me if I’m tired, and I say, no. I see that several of the flowers only have the middle part glued. I say, “oh”. She then gives me another wrapping paper instead of the one they are using to work with, but I don’t mind because it’s prettier.


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