Becoming Conscious

A guy, at a party, is standing(?) at a table. He’s having a fun time, but he doesn’t see that one if the other people at the table has drugged his drink.

He is next seen at / in a lab. He is strapped down next to someone (on his right) who looks similar to him. Their clothes have been switched. He is starting to become conscious.

I’m in a building, at the end of the hallway, and there is a guy to my left, and girl to my right. They are strapped down, blindfolded, and crying out.

I continue walking, and see Debbie (Where I used to work. She’s blind, and constantly putting her hands down there.) strapped also, but not to the same extreme, and is in a chair instead. Her hands are in her pants. I’m thinking about her being able to throw her blood around on the sky blue walls.

Someone tells me it’s Fast Sunday, and I say, thinking about what day / date it is, that it was last week (first Sunday of month).

I’m at an older, tall, thin man’s home, in the front room. His drapes / curtains are to the left, closed. He has a fish tank to the right if them, in front of me. There is one(?) fish, and nothing else, in clear blue fluorescent like water. It’s obvious he takes care of / cleans the tank, but this day, it has the beginnings of being cloudy. He tells me, going to the drapes, that sometimes he likes to open them up at night, and watch the fish.

We are outside, in the late afternoon, at the bottom of his driveway, with his 60’s Dodge van, skin color.

I see a calf(?) lying on someone’s front yard, with head up. It has an elfish looking green hat on, but without the cone piece. I think it’s cute, and to my surprise, gets up and walks over to me. I had thought it was a decoration. The old man smiles at this.

He is sitting in a chair next to his van. I ask him how he like living here, and he says he likes it.

I get out of the driver seat, and don’t close the door shut. I tell myself that he’s going to be there anyway, as he is getting the calf in the van to take back home.

(From June 14, 2014)

Maze like up, and down stairs, as in M. C. Escher’s picture. There is a wall between up and down. I break it down (from jumping on it?), and someone attempts to put it back up using tape.

Male gay couple.

I’m given a silver / grey car with a cylindrical silver key, about an inch long. It has teeth at one end. (Mom used to have an extra freezer with a lock like this.)


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