Already Seen

(Night before, I asked, what is the sphere (from Ringing Cedars series of Anastasia))

I am standing, with someone else, on the outside end of a racquetball court outside. Banksy is there also, as a protection. We are involved in a hide and seek type “game”. I am looking around the corner, on the left side. Something about graffiti on the courts. Banksy tells us that if we’ve seen the target(?), “they’ve” already seen us.

I’m sleeping in the front(?) room, on the porcelain tile floor(?), wrapped up in a blue blanket. My dad, dressed for work, tells me to wake up, and that I’ve been asleep for 24 hours. I think it’s more like 12, from 5 to 5. I close my eyes, and my body so tired, I could’ve fallen back asleep.

I am outside on the streets, when the town has been warned of a flood on it’s way. It’s coming from the left, and will turn a corner towards us. I hurriedly grab some things. Next, I’m in the car, losing control because the street is wet.

To my right, I see what looks to maybe be a mini golf course. To the left of that, going along the side, is a street / path covered in mowed grass. About halfway, it raises up about 30-40 yards. Not seeing the other side, don’t know if it leveled out, or came back down.

I’m in a theatre to see a lady’s performance. I’m on the left side (when looking at stage), up top, by some stairs. A couple times, I throw a dollar bill down the stairs. The lady says, “Our boyfriend’s suddenly appear (different wording), and then suddenly disappear.” All the females started going crazy at this.

Next thing I see, she is walking up the stairs where I am, selling colored dollar bills. One of them is half black, half blue, lengthwise. I like the look of it, and so want one. I ask if I still have to pay a dollar, even though I’ve already thrown some down. She says yes. I hear someone say that if these were sold elsewhere, they’d be $42 (my age). I put a bill on a little square table in front of me, that suddenly appeared, and took the colored bill. The lady then asks me if the bill on the table is hers, and I say yes. She says this in a way that I think maybe she is expecting that $42, and I know I don’t have that amount, but confidently continue putting the colored bill in my purse.

(From June 16, 2014)

I was doing something, and I was telling someone that it felt like I was going up in an elevator, in my head.

(Just saying, today is Barry Manilow‘s birthday)


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