Big Rolls

(Didn’t get up to write the first one when I awoke, so…)

Lorelei, and kittens. I wanted to make sure the kittens didn’t get out.

Page of different pictures of “roly poly” fat people (people with big rolls).

Candles on a table

Lady, without car, was driven to unlock something, then left. She was then given a car.

Ali, and I, were looking for something, and were at apartments / condos(?). There were some underground, or below the top ones (like when built on a hill). I went to the bottom ones, Ali staying up top, ending up in one of them. I saw two jacuzzi’s, side by side, shaped like a domino, in the front room. A woman was in each, facing front, where there was a large screen tv. I said, “Oh”, expecting there to be a path that passed in front of them, and there not being one. I told them I was expecting to see that. The neighboring residence was empty.

Man with glasses


(From June 18, 2014)


Young black girl, with separated braids, sitting with a white polygamist family. Something about incest with this family.


In the morning, they go from one room, into another, for Christmas presents, and because of the positioning of the doors, wondering how they did this.


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