Slowly Appears

Flipboard, and sharing pictures

Ali wants to turn right, having to go past the light a little ways to do so, not wanting to wait his turn. I tell him it isn’t worth it, with all the people who are after him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Paula Abdul are sitting behind a table long enough for them, at a press conference, with a bunch of photographers. Arnold on the left. They are holding blown up faces of themselves on a stick. (Both, or just Paula?) Arnold adamantly announces that the decision / score of the Clippers game still stands. Paula then teasingly stays behind her face, announcing her decision on another game. She sheepishly then slowly appears.

I am inside, and see a black panther, followed by a black bear, walking on a sidewalk / concrete path in front of me, walking from right to left, with a hint of a diagonal.

I hurriedly close the flimsy door, but know they can bust through. I then decide to confront them, and open the door. The panther then starts to viciously jump toward me. As he does so, I ask them why they want to scare me, and possibly another question. After I ask, and before the panther gets to me, he starts to soften up, and becomes gentle.

The Toyota pickup (had with my late husband) is owned by another man, and he is selling it. I don’t find out about this until three men are ready to pay for it (one, a priest?), but only seeing one. My family is dumbfounded by this, in that I will be left without a vehicle, and that I hadn’t been told.

I’m sitting in front of two lady’s. One of them has her hands on my jaws, and tells the other one that my jaws are hairy, never taking her hands off. They continue talking, and I hear mentioned that I’m a nice person.

The schools athletics has been shut down. The athletes go home after school. The atmosphere turns dark.

The athletes used to hang out in a room above the field. I’m shown how it used to be, in the form of the opening of a tv show, everyone next to each other doing their own thing(s). Starting from the left, there are three gay guys, two of them with mouths on the other’s chin. The scene continues, panning to the right.

Outside of the room has been turned into a mini food court, Taco Bell in the middle. In the evening, adults hesitantly come out of the room to check it out. Barbie among them. A young Linda Ronstadt, also there, knowing she was the one with her hands on my face.

There is a balcony, and when stepped on, has a little bounce to it, but no one is concerned about it. I may be the only one cognizant of it.

I am feeling a little sad, and mention to someone that I’m missing Greg (he was one of the athletes in the dream. He did play water polo for a bit in school.)

I am doing something for someone, Linda?, when all of a sudden, I drop what I’m holding, in front of her, and declare that I don’t want to be nice anymore.

On the balcony, I look down on the field, and see a small festival. On the left are three huge (everything I see is huge), possibly bigger than elephants, fluffy dogs. One is white, with some pink coloring. To the right of them, is a jack in the box. The puppet bounces so much that he comes out of the box, and needs to put himself back in.

To the right of that, are three people in mascot size costumes. The clothing is solid black with some white, something like the pilgrims. The one at the end on the right, the top comes off, exposing Kermit. He nonchalantly puts it back on.


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