Magic Man

I’m clearing off the table after the family has eaten dinner. Greg / Steve is helping.

Judy is sitting, and I start beating on her. Crying with everything I have, I start to lose my breath and energy. Micalanne tells me that she’ll be with me. The family doesn’t understand why I’m doing this, yet I’m not stopped. Each person represents a gem / mineral (silver, diamond, etc) / blog.

“Try to understand, he’s a magic man” sung by Heart

I’m listening to Kerli’s new songs. They’re ugly because she’s degrading herself.

Ali brought his one year old

I show up late, feeling a bit anxious, to running practice. I see a door opening (space) in a wall, and see on the other side, girls lined up, horizontally, in rows, with their backs to me.

Their names, in two’s, are written in each row. A couple of rows, though, as I look, only have one name. I’m wondering where I’ll be placed.

The girls are getting ready to go somewhere, curling the back of their hair. They are behind me, to my left, so that I have to turn to look. One of the girls, a blonde, who has colored her hair, is in the middle of them, and mentioning how she and her boyfriend have been together for forever, but he left her. She is “glamming” up to show him what he’s missing.

I also have curled some of my hair, in the back left.


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