Moroni Collectors

I’m in a stage theatre, with others, when someone brings / carries in a stack of coffee table size books. One of them is white, titled “Moroni Collectors”, having to do with the statue on the temples. I go over so I can look through it, but I don’t see it at first, then see it has been moved. It is now in a different stack, binders facing. It is to the right of the original stack, above, as if making an angle.

The area behind the curtains is known to be haunted / creepy. There is a door to the left that leads to the area behind the stage.

Someone has a small rubber handheld ball, and lets it go. It bounces back, and forth, hitting the walls, and chairs. (We are all sitting.) It ends up going through the open doorway. A small black, and white, kitten (3,4 months) follows it. I follow, not wanting the kitten to go in the back, but does. The ball turns a corner to the right after entering, and rolls for several seconds before stopping. There is dirt / sand.

I am finally able to grab the kitten, covering the whole body with my hand. When I pick it up, it turns into a baby turtle, and diarrhea comes out. It is flat, like a piece of stick gum (couldn’t think of anything else to compare it to.)


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