Chateau Owner

(Night before, I asked who the magic man was)

I’m lying in the middle of the entrance of a Chateau that is being renovated, for sleeping. Greg / Steve is with me. The ceiling is exposed, rotting, but there may be a clear tarp under it. It’s a creepy area. I see, out of the corner of my eye, a worker climb up, on the left, but disappears, as if there’s a room up there. I cover my head so that pieces don’t hit my head. Greg / Steve tells me the owner won’t let that happen.

The male owner walks through the entrance, saying something, then starts cleaning up the several pieces of clothing that are lying around, some by my feet. I’m wondering, or do I say out loud?, directed at the owner, who do I contact when I have my own Chateau to renovate?

Cast of Home Improvement is on stage. Tim is in a small office to the left, family on the right of the stage, sitting on a couch. Mark is sitting, teenage, on the back of the couch, back to the audience, and looking toward Tim. His feet are bare, tips of toes touching the stage (like a ballerina.)

Tim is sitting between wall, and desk, with white papers all over both. He says something, then the family would say a one, or two, word answer.

I’m slowly inserting a thick tampon, and seeing the beginning of blood, seeing that I have finally started (late). I wonder what guys do with the blood when on their period, thinking they wouldn’t want to use a tampon.

Dolphins start swimming in the dark water of an ocean. There are big rigs either partially in the water, or are submerged. The dolphins are talking about what happens when they go on cruises. There are fins sticking out of the water, dolphins swimming over / between them. I’m worried they might be sharks, but then see / realize that dolphins also have fins. After going a distance, they decide to turn back.

At a ball. Men are lining up to dance with a woman.

A girl does something, then in disbelief, I tell her she’s stupid, because of what she did.

Erin, and Sara(?), are the last ones at my mom’s party. Erin is sitting on the bottom of some steps, with mom and Sara standing there. I tell my mom, perhaps with some resentment, that we never get recognized when the party is here. Erin isn’t sure what to do with that.

Kyle, lying on his stomach, happy, at a beach(?). His tailbone area is healed/ing. I’m not too sure about it at first (he had some weight surgically removed because of falling on it).


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