Happy Hour

I’m a bully to my dad, and a female. My mom is there.

A guy brings grandma through a door, she, looking up, and around. She is out of her wheelchair, walking slow. She is standing straight, having gained 20 pounds.

I’m walking up a ramp, on the left side, into a darkened building (because of sun). I don’t see any doors. Travis is walking out, on the other side. He is intently looking at me. His eyes are a piercing white-ish grey / grey-ish white. I’m wearing shorts, and suddenly become conscious of my weight, since I weighed less when he knew me.

Someone is sweeping the concrete floors inside. Sawdust?

There is the thing businesses use for holding people back in line, and unhook to let them through, like at bars / nightclubs / amusement parks. I see Travis walking through one of those, on his phone, walking away.

I somehow know that he has his own small army, and when he wants a letter delivered, he has one of his men deliver it instead of using the postal service.

I am in a concrete hole, people above looking down at me. I see a birthday card, for me, stuck on the side from him. I somewhat cautiously, anticipatingly, reach for it, looking at him. He doesn’t move, but watches me.

I get the card, and it reads something about it being my happy birthday, but how about it being my happy hour (not drinking, but the other). I smile, and think to myself, “Oh, you”. I then go to kiss him, and instead of being physically there, he is on a piece of thick paper instead, like talking with him through the computer. The people there have the look of, Ohhh, knowing I’m still dating Ali.

(From June 26, 2014)

Midgets, and a chef in the dining room of a ship(?). They are at the front of the room, a white board separating the midgets from everyone else because if something more important about them than the others.

I have Megan’s baby, and need to find a quiet room to put it down to sleep. There is activity going on around us, and I’m not finding a quiet room.

I go to the help / info window, after seeing an elevator open, and ask about it. The lady at the window says that it only opens when someone is standing in front of it, and that it must not be 6 o’clock yet, as that’s when it shuts down for the day.

I’m in the elevator, which is the size of a small waiting room, with the baby, and another female, who is a friend. I’m sitting in a chair. This friend pushes the button to go up. The elevator clanks around a bit, then stops. It is now 6. Knowing my friend had been in an elevator before when it stops, I ask her if this is what happens, and she says yes. The doors are open, so that we’re able to get out.


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