Caved In

Somewhere outside, with other people. I have been told that the hole the bears are hibernating / living in, has caved in. We no longer know where they are. Some people who went searching have died. I think to myself, “Can’t they claw / dig themselves out?”, then realize if they aren’t found, they’ll die.

Had the sliding glass door open, enough to get through. Some cats are outside, scared of an animal down the hill, which I’m not able to see. A couple of cats run inside. I go out, and look to see if I can see this other animal. I think it was a fox.

The tv is on, and showing only one channel, one “program”. There is a bigger flat screen tv to the left on the wall. There is a guy sitting next to me, on my left. I am sitting back, leaning back some almost against him. I have a wet paper towel, legs spread, wiping my vagina.

Arabian men are causing boys to have sex with them.

I see, on the iPod, that “Bang (Here Comes A Supernova) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood is now on Spotify.


Your Thoughts

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