Scary Position

Delivery truck, driven by a woman, in snow. There was no awareness of any temperature.

Naked guy in a long, somewhat narrow, holding room, with slanted roof on the left side. There were ropes hanging from the ceiling, which he used for doing tricks while being questioned.

Tv, in a box, was delivered that had the DVI port.

(This is from a nap after finishing reading The Energy of Life, Book 7 from the Ringing Cedars series, written by Vladimir Megre.)

Mom, dad, and Amy are gathered together when I announce that I’m getting married later that night at 9. I think Amy may have said something. I said that it’s a scary position to be in again. My dad started saying about me being in a room with others the coming next day. We all looked at him, because he hadn’t gotten it.

(From July 3, 2014)

In Dallas, Texas, a lady reporter sees a little girl (holding a doll?), and asks her a question. The girl says that her mom has real estate (and office, which wasn’t said, but was sorta implied), which was semi-related to the question. The reporter then asked the girl if she was going to have them when she grows up, and the girl said yes.

(From July 4, 2014)

Waiting for skin color?

I took a u-turn.

(Ali’s dream)

He was giving me some money, and one of my family was (almost) yelling at him not to give me any. He asked her why, but she wouldn’t answer, just repeating not to give me money.


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