Hard to See

I’m in my parent’s(?) bedroom, trying on a colorful top / sweater. I go to dad’s mirror, on his closet door, and even though it’s full length, I’m not satisfied by the length. I go elsewhere.

I am outside the room, in a panic because of hearing voices. I look to my right, to go in the bedroom there (in Las Vegas, my room was across from parent’s room), but there is a wall there instead, so I go into my parent’s room. (Parents, or parent’s?)

I’m with a group of girls, and Deborah, at a (small?) restaurant, before it opens, for a meeting. We are sitting in groups of 4 in the booths. The backs for the booths are tall so as not being able to see others. One of the backs is colorful. I want to sit there, but another group is there.

After the meeting, Deborah acts as a waitress, asking us what we want to eat. There is also a tiny older lady there, who I don’t fully see, and I think is the owner.

Because Deborah is taking orders, and because of the time, I’m guessing this must be our dinner, and that it’s free, before the restaurant opens.

Looking over the menu, I see different meat / steak choices. I don’t know which to have. I speak to myself, asking, what does my body want.

There are red roses for sale, in the restaurant, for $30(?). I see a brochure next to them, and it says that one single rose (meaning each individual one) was bought for $80 yesterday. I show this to one of the girls, fascinated by this deficit.

I’m driving, with mom in the car, in the evening. The roads are slick from being wet. The car is new, and I’m not accustomed to the brakes.

I know I need to start slowing down, not seeing the traffic stopped in front of me, at first. The car doesn’t slow down soon enough, so I go between the lanes. There is a white big rig at the front of each lane. I’m not sure I’ll make it, but I go anyway.

I make it through, and cross the intersection, not getting hit as there isn’t any cross traffic.

To my right, I see an empty lot. I go over that way. I see a cop parked there, walking to his car, which has the lights flashing. I’m thankful he’s there, in case I should need him.

I do donuts / circles so the car will slow down, and I won’t hit anyone.

I walk out after, and see an empty (car repair?) business. There are a few Halloween decorations here , and there. I ‘m thinking maybe someone is getting it ready to move in for business.

Ali wants to buy me a car to fill the empty spot in the garage where the other car was.


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