God Wants You To See

I’m walking on a bridge(?), and see the last half of a (black) whale going back in the water. There is a couple nearby, and I mention to them that when seeing something like this, it means God wants you to see.

The whale caused such a big wave, that it covered / enveloped me. I started to panic a little (had a wave go over me as a teen), but knew I would get through it.

I’m at Travis’ place. I have buzzed, dark red hair, (almost) maroonish. It is still in the morning. He is barely waking up. I woke earlier than he because my body has been doing so (which it has) lately.

At one point, he sucks my right index finger, giving me tingles. I think about how I don’t feel these from Ali anymore.

The Mexican neighbors moved into the house, which we aren’t pleased about. One day they all leave to go somewhere, and I lock the doors, locking them out. We feel very satisfied about that.

(Ali’s dream)

It’s evening, and Ali is with a handful of people putting down ground cover(?) so they can plant. They are rolling it, and it smells of manure. Ali falls into some water, getting his hand(s) smelly. He tells them it’s too dark, and to wait until day so they can see. They all agree.


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