Go In Alone

My parents bring me to a tech school, on a whim. I go in alone. Talking to the ladies at the desk, I realize I had forgotten that I had signed up for a week-long class. I ask if I can come, and go, but am told that since I signed up for the band, I had to stay. The ladies are wearing scrubs.

A male employee walks past me (behind, or front?). He walks into the first room around the corner into an older lady’s (didn’t see, but knew she was there) room, a cork board on the wall next to it. The ladies say that he was being bad. I point out to them where he went, and they rushed to go there.

I was worried about my parents waiting for me outside this whole time, as I didn’t go back outside, but I didn’t ask if I could go out.

I was given a pretty backpack (pale mint green / pink?). In a small side pocket were Mickey Mouse, and some other Disney characters, made out of the material used for earth mats, from Vibesup.

There were also several pairs of different colors of silky(?) pj’s, along with waist robes. Some of the robes, still in the clear packaging, slid down / out. I was excited about the robes because of the belt, and held one up to show some of the girls I would be staying with for the week.

I go to a door, which has wallpaper in the center of it, mellow yellow with small flowers?, and am partially sure / confident it was the one I was to enter. A kind lady came up behind me, and with a smile, opening the door, assured me that I was correct.

I’m in a classroom. There are several rows of long rectangular tables, vertical to the front. There is a pull down screen (not tv, but made with white material used for shades) in front, and cartoons playing. I watch, thinking that is what I am to do, before getting to work.

I see that no one else is watching, but instead, working on their projects of making patterns for clothes. There is a small white box next to each person, with their names on each, that the materials came in.

I’m walking between the first two rows of tables, confused at not finding mine. I then walk to the front of the first row, and see my name on the materials that Linda (ex-coworker) has. She then gives them to me.

After I sit, between two guys, almost cramped, I set on the table my scotch tape that is in a metal holder.

I then look behind me, and see materials on the table, for two people who are missing. One of them has Mark’s name. I want to say that he is my brother, but don’t.

(Ali’s dreams)

Ali, and two other Somali’s, are taken to be killed, not knowing which one it will be. They are out in the open. One of the guys gets tied up, in front, to be killed, and while he is being tied up, Ali gets a big stick, and starts hitting the guy, doing the tying, on the head, and saying that this isn’t right. The other guy escapes. There are people watching, but they do nothing to stop this.

Someone asks Ali if he is a movie star, and he says no. Someone else asks him to come to Hollywood, but Ali says no, he doesn’t want to, because it’s trouble.

(From July 12, 2014)

I’m lying / sleeping on my dad’s side of the bed (which I have never done) when he comes home from work. I am aware of him as he puts his things down next to his side. I’m almost too tired to get up, but after several minutes, decide to get up because he’ll be wanting it, and fix it.

There is a concrete tower / pillar that looks like cars used to use. When I get up top, I see that that is no longer possible, but can still see some tire markings.

I look out, and see the city below, and the beautiful sunrise / set. The pillar starts to shake, then crumbles down. I fall behind it, rather than above / on top of it. I’m thinking of my feet, and wondering what will happen to them when I hit.


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