It’s my first day back at work at D. I. I’m in the back, not knowing where I should be, but am in an area where the new clothes are hung up. A girl is hanging bikini thongs.

It’s lunch time, and the kitchen / break room is upstairs. The “stairs” are a stack of books in a darkened area that looks like an old bookstore. There are books everywhere. The stairs take a turn to the right, at head level, then circle up, but I don’t see the upper portion of them.

Travis is here, waiting in the line behind me, to go up. I think I start to go up, but then say (out loud, or to myself?) that I can’t / won’t go, because of the unsturdiness of the books.

I wonder how the cooks got up there, and with food. I figure there’s got to be another way, a back door perhaps.

We get supplies from T. J. Maxx, and sometimes, there is candy / chocolate also. I take / eat a couple of chocolates as I work. Out on the floor, there are a couple young boys who grab a couple glass bottle / rocket looking containers of chocolates, and start to run / hide. I say, hey, knowing they’re not allowed to take those, even if I do.

(From July 15, 2014)

Evening time? Ellen, Judy, and I are going to go on a vacation. Ellen, and maybe Judy, has brought her luggage down, outside, ready to be picked up. For some reason, I wasn’t ready. Ellen then goes back up the outside steps, on the left of the building (like at the beach, with wood shingles), leaving her luggage, for when I am ready.

(From July 14, 2014)

There was a trailer attached to the back of the house. I’m in the bathroom, and see poop around the inside of the bowl. I knew it was from Ali. I flushed it, then went to go tell / remind him to flush after using.

(Ali’s dream)

He’s running through a ghetto, rocky, dusty part of town. He has his phone, attempting to call his sister to come get him. He arrives at the bus / bush taxi stop, waiting to leave.


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