Sticky Situation

The street was getting / had new asphalt put on. We(?) were waiting for it to dry. I may have stepped on it, and it was sticky / stuck to my shoes.

I may have been partially hiding behind a man, next to the street. There were some men, across the street, who had 3 weapons / guns. I was hand motioning / counting to some women, several feet behind me, the weapons / guns they had. Each time I motioned with my hands, I would configure them differently. The women kept motioning to me to come away from there, and go to them.

It was 2 o’clock, close to getting off of work, and my short, male boss, told me to go to a different division (can’t think of another word) of the company. Because of the time, I debated on whether to go, or not, but decided I better.

When I got to the building, it was about quarter after 2. There were several doors, but I knew I needed to go through the one at the far right.

I was expecting consumers there, but there weren’t any. Instead, the workers were around a table, with a screen in front of them, ready to watch something for a meeting / training. I mentioned that I had only been told about this at 2 o’clock. They were fine with it.

A lady to my right was scooting her chair, as if her legs didn’t work. She was headed toward the restroom, and wanted me to follow. I wasn’t sure I should, but after several promptings from her, I went.

When we got inside the restroom, she got up, walking toward a stall. She had wanted to take a break from the meeting / training.

(From July 20, 2014)

I’m in some guy’s kitchen. There is red jello that had jelled / set halfway outside of the bowl, as if wanting to escape. I wanted to eat some, but decided not to since we (group of people / family) were about to eat.

(Ali’s dream)

I told him that he needed to get a gun because we have enemies. He had / got one, and was shooting it in different directions, kinda showing off.


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