Should Recognize

I was looking at Kevin’s Facebook profile, and telling someone that I just want to touch base.

I’m carrying Bishop’s baby, who is naked, throughout the church, looking for wipes in case there should be a mess. There is a doorway, leading to the chapel that I walk through, that is a bit shorter than normal, so I have to duck. I find where Bishop is, and grab some dryer sheets to use as the wipes.

I’m still holding the baby, standing outside a closed classroom, waiting, with others, for class to start. A young girl, 8?, dark-haired, comes up to me, and asks, intelligently, how my last two days were. I said they were fine. I then ask her the same, and she responded that they were good. As I’m looking at her, I’m thinking that her face looks somewhat familiar, and that I should know who she is. (As I write this, I’m wondering if her dress was of an older period.)


Your Thoughts

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