Don’t Belong Here

Before falling asleep, I see a buck(?male deer) with a big snake coming out of its wide open mouth.

Ali, and I, are waiting in line to check in (like at an airport, but only one line, and no seats) for the Skechers sale. We are in the front of the line. I see a guy giving money to the worker helping him. I ask Ali if we are supposed to pay here. He pays no attention, and goes to check in.

We then walk into a large room, 2000-2500 sq. ft. I have lost Ali. I don’t see shoes, but two sectioned off rooms for orientation. The workers there look like office workers. I decide to sit in one of the rooms, by the door, legs facing the door. I’m anxiously / nervously looking / watching for Ali. After a minute, or two, I tell myself that I don’t belong here, so I leave.

I then find out, after walking into the main room, that those who are buying shoes go through orientation first. I tell a male manager that there should be a (big) sign on the wall for those who are here for the first time, and don’t know.

I’m sitting on some steps, holding a thin spatula. I like the colors / look of it, and decide to steal it. As I start to peel off the price tag, which is on the handle, a lady manager walks toward me on her way to go through a doorway which is in front of me to my right. She sternly asks me, “You’re not taking off the tag, are you?” I adamantly respond, “Nooo!” As I put the tag back on.

I’m standing with an NC baseball hat on, figuring which way to wear it. My hair is a mess, looking like it had been teased the night before, and I just woke. A male manager walks by, dressed in a suit, admiring what I’m doing, approvingly.

(Ali’s dream)

We are with other people, standing by an open fence at a border. My family / relatives are included. I tell my family not to cross, and that their papers have been stolen. They don’t listen, and cross anyway. The other people also cross. Ali was about to cross also when I tell him that his papers have been taken. His paranoia kicks in, becoming half dead. He stops, and checks his pockets.

The others start back to the fence to come back, but it closes on them. They are going to be killed. I say that I’m not going to stay here, and I rush to the car, Ali following. As soon as he gets in, I speed away, not even making sure he’s buckled in.


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