Spiritual Leader

I’m up in some kind of treehouse tower, rectangular shaped. There is an opening to see below, and an unsturdy floor. I am standing on the edges, where it’s solid, on the other side of a doorway that leads to the middle. There are some people in the middle, and I hear my name, and them discussing me. They say something, then I hear them say that I will be a (spiritual, implied) leader of Israel.

I then am in an area / room with some of my family, Ben included. After hearing this, I enthusiastically ask them who is going to join me. They raise their hands as if in school. Ben does not. He is looking down, looking solemn.

I then am looking through the hole, and see them drive / ing away.

Travis is here at my parents house. At one point, he is outside doing something, and I am lying next to his car, looking underneath. I notice one of his tires is patched up with duct tape, going up to the sides of the tire.

He has some melted chocolate to eat with some food.

Seems we may have discussed, or I knew, that he was no longer with his wife. We also may have discussed, again, about the notes I sent him in high school.


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