Wait Until I’m Finished

My mom is in the driver’s seat. I’m in back, behind her, buckling in a baby. My mom starts to drive / speed before I finish. I think I mention to her about waiting until I’m finished. The road is like a roller coaster, with the twists and turns, and seems to be in the mountains.

I am helping someone showcase some different objects (sticks?), walking across stage. I am only wearing my garments. I become conscious. If this as I am walking back across. Since I am already up there, I have a bit of fun while walking. I don’t look at the audience because I’m scared Travis will be there.

After walking off the stage, I notice another woman (my mom?) wearing only her bottom garment. She was kneeling, bending over, so I didn’t see her top.

Clay Aiken was / is going to be in the Senate, but he had to go through American Idol first so people would know who he is.

A lady notices Janet’s last name is similar to another word (word for lying?). I say that I knew that from the beginning. This lady is surprised I knew.

Janet is sitting, and I slowly run / flow my hands over her shins, as if my hands are vehicles, and here legs are streets.

(Ali’s dream)

I’m in a car, about to leave Ali to visit family because something is happening. I tell him I’ll be back in a couple says. He asks when I’ll be back, and I tell him I don’t know. I then hurry off.


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