Getting the Message

A well dressed man, standing behind a piano, “playing”, but not really. He wasn’t using the keys, but a bellows type thing, but not, on the left side (as I look at him from the other end). He is looking at me with a touch of frantic on his face, hoping I would get the message.

Man stirring milk and o. j. together.

I’m at an airport, sitting in a chair, looking out the window, watching a plane land. After it comes to a stop, someone to my right says to me, “Come on”, so I go.

(Ali’s dream)

I am telling my family, mostly females, not to eat a brown looking food, that it isn’t good for them. Ali is also there, but I don’t mention this to him.

(From Aug. 3, 2014)

Greg, and I, are in a cultural hall(?), by ourselves, in the evening, when we hear a male voice. We then see a teenage guy with a huge Darth Vader helmet on, like in Spaceballs. We then hurry up to the stage, hiding behind a basketball board, moving to the opening on the side to see. His younger brother is also there, but is more in the background. Another guy comes in, we moving back when he comes in. We hear them talking about doing something criminal. Greg had previously learned he could turn into a wolf, so he slightly jumped, staying behind the board, making sure he still can transform. He does, becoming a black wolf, his body becoming total flat. I hide behind the curtains. The other wolves will be here within the hour to help stop these guys.


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