Still Waiting

I have spent the day with Mitt Romney’s family, and now they are having an event / party. Michelle Obama is there. I see her profile, her looking towards my right side. As I get up closer to her, (she turns so that) I can see more of her from the front.

I am on the phone with a black man, mostly listening to him. At one point, he stops talking. I want to ask someone / make sure how he’s related.

I’m where there are public showers, having their own stall. There are two in front that horizontal, hiding the four in back. There are two mirrors in front of them being used by two girls putting their makeup on.

All the stalls are being used. I see me, and another girl, who still needs a shower. I want to rush in before she can, when possible.

The girls are taking their time, getting dressed, and whatever else, in the stalls. The second to last, on the right side, I don’t see anyone, so I ask if I can use it. I then see that the girl is still there, and sitting on the wooden seat.

I sit between the two horizontal showers, and with disgust, and hope / helplessness, I mention to these two girls that I still need a shower / still waiting.

Your Thoughts

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