Could’ve Been Us

(From Sept. 1, 2014 Ali’s dream. See pic below)

We are on an expensive motorcycle, riding along, me in front. We are wearing colorful clothes, as if coming from a festival. There are flowers, and bushes on either side, along with gravel, looking like a small country town. We ride past other cyclists, who follow us.

The road then goes downhill. The light at the bottom is the kind that swings from a wire. There is water on either side.

My speed picks up. Ali says he feels there is a cop waiting, and for me to slow down. I don’t listen.

He then tells me the light is red. I swerve to an open space on the left. The other cyclists continue, one getting killed somehow, and the others getting ticketed by the cop.

After the cop is finished with them, he comes over to us, telling us that he was actually waiting for us. I am taller than he.

I am stunned by the death, and say that that could’ve been us. There is blood, so I don’t go over to look, but Ali does.

(From Aug. 31, 2014)

I see a large area, round tables with white tablecloths set up for a banquet / reception. Not sure if this was inside, or out. Wind was blowing, and a small wave came through. Nothing was disturbed, wrecked.

I am in Paris / Europe, knowing that I am / would be close to the temple in Rome.

There is a guy, who I am up close to, looking at his left arm, outside middle, by his shoulder. There appears to be light yellow coloring, so I ask if it’s a scar, or tattoo. He said it’s the number 50, commemorating some guy’s named Linden (first/last?), accomplishment.

We are then seated separate. He is up against a wall, like in a cave, and calls me over to sit with him. Another guy comes over, and tells him he can take a break. I say to him, “Oh, so you’re the one who instituted the pairing up.”

I’m kneeling, doing something, Ali standing to my left. He starts to become anxious / nervous. He then asks me to marry him. I tell him no, then he starts to relax.

(From Aug. 27 / 28, 2014)

I’m at a park(?), when I see a person across the way, looking like a Mexican guy, wearing white, with a gun. He is shooting, but not killing.

There are leaders of the church here for a meeting / seminar. This guy comes towards us, looking for someone to shoot. As this guy gets closer, though, I see that it is a woman, in her 50’s(?). I “hide”, though I can still be seen. I wasn’t going to say anything, for fear of getting hit, but speak up anyway. I ask her why she is shooting. She says it’s because she is (very) annoyed. I then ask what she is annoyed at, but she walks away without answering.



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