Last night I asked what type of shaman am I. I dreamt that Ali had his finger in me and I was pushing it in. He was saying that it won’t go any further. I was allowing him to do this only because I won the lottery. He had a finger from his other hand in my mouth, which had a weird taste. Looking at his fingers after, they were dirty with black stuff underneath.

I dreamt that I was taking out his bullets from his gun / rifle (doesn’t have one).

I dreamt that I was at the church. There was an event going on. I received a note from Gwen (?) saying that she really missed me and wants to see me again (sexually, implied). I went to a darkened hallway where the restrooms were and changed into a white leotard (?) with Borat type suspenders.

As I was walking through the hallway, I heard a lady saying that she needed to change. I then went into the opening / pocket where the restroom entrance is. She came to that spot and asked me where she knew me from. I only said, “Camp”. She was short with jaw length blonde hair.

I dreamt something about being scared to go on a downhill road because it was steep and curvy. 

I think I had a dream with missionaries.

I dreamt of being tired of going to someone’s house every day.

I dreamt of someone wanting to park where I’m parked and me getting upset wondering why they can’t park in front of me when the sign that’s there says that parking here is allowed.

I dreamt that a Hispanic girl wanted to fight Ali.