(From Aug. 29, 2018)

I asked the shaman question again. I dreamt that it was demanded of me to wake up, and the guy wasn’t mean, but he wasn’t nice. 

I dreamt that I had a type of spider on my left shoulder digging in / had dug in. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. I was with some people and I must’ve said something about feeling pressure because a couple people checked to see what was going on. I didn’t see the spider. They were figuring out how to get rid of it. I woke a little and could feel the same pressure.

I dreamt that I was at a black person’s home. As she was walking me through (to the back?), I noticed that the walls were painted purple. I either thought, or spoke (to Ali?), that black people sure (do) like purple. 

I dreamt of a black butterfly with a touch of white by the tip of the wing(s) flying around. I asked it what it was trying to tell me. I put my hand out wanting it to land, not really expecting it to, and it did! 

(From Aug. 28, 2018 Royalty)

I dreamt of Muhammad Ali married to “royalty” (ultra wealthy person).

I dreamt that my mom was the one who was gone (dad passed in May). The family had rode together somewhere and I was thinking that mom should have been there and I started crying.

I dreamt that two young guys, wearing white tops that were a mix between waiter and chef, got locked up. I convinced the sheriff to let them go so that they wouldn’t be in there all day. 

One of the guys, or both?, started walking out but then turned back to hug the sheriff.

I dreamt that I was in a car / truck and we saw Phillip (regular customer at Starbucks) walking on the left and decided to pick him up and take him home. It must’ve been done before because he started coming toward us.

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