Lost Connection

I asked, “What does my husband know?” I dreamt that I was in a somewhat darkened room with other people and the wall in front of me was full of tv’s all showing the top portions of 4(?) people. Obama was the last one on the right. They were able to see us. I quickly waved my hand at Obama. The connection was then lost and the tv’s shut down / off. I don’t remember what we did after.

I dreamt that I was in a classroom with two young (10?) boys. One of them was at the chalkboard in front of me with (pre?) algebra problems on it. 

The other boy was at the door to the right. He had a bit of weight to him. The boy at the chalkboard called him stupid. I told him not to say that and asked him how he feels when someone says / calls him that.

I mentioned that I liked doing these / this math when I was in school. The boy at the chalkboard then started erasing the math problems.

I dreamt that I had a tampon in past the time allotted and I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to take it out, because I couldn’t feel it.

Before I woke, I was looking at a piece of paper. I was trying to force myself to read, and remember, what it says. All I remember is the beginning of it which read, “All powerful parents need to know this.” It then explained but I didn’t get that far. 

I think I saw mermaids as I was being told something else.

Your Thoughts

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